No, not a [amazon ASIN=”0060850523″]dystopian novel about eugenics[/amazon], this is my re-attempt to commit to a blogging world.

Hello all faithful followers (yes, Mom, I’m talking to you). Today is a new day, a new dawn, a fresh start, what have you. I have decided that I need to make a new commitment to blogging. I need to force myself to practice and dramatically improve my writing and communication skills. I had previously maintained a blog over at, but blogged very infrequently and unprofessionally.

Times have changed. I have been stockpiling a lot of topics over the last couple of years as I have worked in and on my business (Integrum Technologies), helped to create a revolutionary movement (Gangplank), continued to faithfully serve (SanTan Christian Center), and have been experimenting with new technologies and dealing with human and technical challenges.

I am steeling my discipline to blog once per week on any one of the above topics. We’ll see how it goes…

Note: Considering it took me 2 weeks to even get this posted up, I’m not feeling very optimistic :-/