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Blue/Green Deploys with Kubernetes and Amazon ELB

At Octoblu, we deploy very frequently and we're tired of our users seeing the occasional blip when a new version is put into production. Though we're using Amazon Opsworks to more easily manage our infrastructure, our updates can take a while for … [Read more]

Programming Philosophy

A few months back I started an internal weekly mailing list at Octoblu sharing my views on Programming Philosophy. I want to share those ideas a little more broadly and get some new perspectives. Programming is a deeply creative and philosophical … [Read more]

Twenty-Something Theses of Autonomy

I believe in a radically different organization than what exists in the world today. In order to build the new economy (and thus a new world) our ideas of how an organization works must be challenged ("You can't make an omelete [sic] without nuking … [Read more]

Gangplank on Arizona Horizon

I appeared on Arizona Horizon on PBS on Wednesday. You can watch the video here. … [Read more]

Hacking The Future of Humanity at TEDxLivermore

On June 8th, 2013 I spoke at TEDxLivermore about Hacking the Future of Humanity. The videos were recently published and now you can watch it for … [Read more]

Is anyone opposed … ?

Would anyone be opposed to ... ? Are you opposed to ... ? Or my personal favorite As long as no one is opposed ... I hear this question, under many different guises, throughout the day. I cringe every time I hear it, especially when it comes … [Read more]

My Coaching / Facilitation Toolkit

I was asked recently to document what's I use for my toolkit when I'm at a client engagement. I've experimented with many different options and materials over the last year and so I'll share with you what I'm currently using. Before I show you the … [Read more]

Lunch – A Crucial Coaching Technique

Make time to go to lunch with the people you are serving. I've learned far more about the organization, the people I'm working with, and the challenges that lie ahead by going to lunch with someone almost every single day I'm on site. I believe … [Read more]

Agile Portfolio Management Game

Lately I have been doing a lot of work with organizations on Portfolio Management. I needed to create a fun game to give an introduction to the challenges of an Agile Portfolio without being overwhelming. In April 2011, I attended the Agile Game … [Read more]

How Not To Have A Fierce Conversation

I have been reading the book [amazon ASIN="038552904X"]Fierce Conversations[/amazon]. It has helped me to have a much more direct approach to difficult conversations, especially the ones that you really want to put off because they are so … [Read more]