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iTunes Connect: Invalid Binary

Invalid Binary.

Gee thanks Apple for that insightful, descriptive message.  Surely with all your advanced binary scanning, static analysis, Application Uploader, etc. all you can give us is a most unhelpful “Invalid Binary”?

If you are suffering from “Invalid Binary” issues, and have done everything short of sacrificing small farm animals, try this trick.

If your Entitlements.plist file was generated with an version of Xcode prior Xcode 3.2.3, remove Entitlements.plist and regenerate it using Xcode 3.2.3.  You don’t need to change any of the options generated on your new Entitlements.plist file, just recompile and submit again. Hopefully this helps someone.

How To Build iPhone 3.0 and iOS4 Apps On The Same Machine

It’s actually really easy, here’s how I’ve set it up:

Install the XCode 3.2.3 with iOS4 in /Developer

Install XCode 3.2.2 with iPhone OS 3.2 in /Developer322

Install latest XCode 4.0 developer preview in /DeveloperBeta

This makes it trivially easy to support the older SDKs and toolsets for handling your legacy iPhone applications.